Our Mission: Be the thread of change!

Colorful Closets is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing clothing/mini-wardrobes for the children in need in the AISD school system.

Our goal is to collect, organize and distribute clothing for children and adolescents throughout the Amarillo area. We would like to meet this need for those in our community while also ministering to them in the hopes of spreading the love of Jesus Christ.

We work closely with AISD social workers and counselors in order to receive clothing requests.
Sadly, 67% of our Amarillo public schools are poverty...so as you can imagine, we are serving as many as we can, as quick as possible!

I wanted to thank Colorful Closets for the clothes you brought out last week. We gave them to a 5th grade student on Friday afternoon. On Monday I saw that child in her new clothes. She had a presence I had not previously seen. Typically she looks down and has little eye contact. On this day, her head was held high, her walk straight and she smiled and spoke to me when we passed. I could tell she felt great in her new clothes! Thank you for going out of your way to match styles and ages. Your work has more impact than you will ever know.
— Terri Huseman, Principal, Will Rogers Elementary

What we accept: 

  • Layette clothing size infant-4T
  • Clothing of all sizes, including adult plus sizes
  • Toiletries (deo, toothpaste, toothbrushes)
  • Laundry services/detergent
  • NEW Socks and undergarments
  • Hangers

What we provide:

  • 3-4 pants
  • 8-10 tops
  • Hoodies/fleece coats/sweatshirts/pullovers
  • Undergarments/socks
  • Toiletries

About Lindsey & Keely

 Keely, GiGi, Evie Claire, Lake, Whitt and Brandon Brown

Keely, GiGi, Evie Claire, Lake, Whitt and Brandon Brown

Keely Brown

I have found that through personal trials in my life, it has proven better for me when done with a measure of humor, but most importantly, having JESUS and a support system to hold me up when times get tough.

My passion and desire is to help others feel supported, valued and special. When I see a child in need, it is hard for me to turn a blind eye. There have been people along the way, who have made a huge impact in my life, my marriage and my children's lives during hard times, and I am forever grateful! Now, I want to give back.

Lindsey Wing

 Wyatt, Brandon, Morgan, Lindsey and Walt Wing

Wyatt, Brandon, Morgan, Lindsey and Walt Wing

"Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain in what we cannot see." Hebrews 11:1. I wish for the closet to be a light for those in need, a welcomed joy in someone's day, a burden lifted off their shoulders and a sweet relief to someone trying so hard to make ends meet.

God has truly shown his glory in the workings of the closet! I am beyond blessed to be a witness to His doings! I can't help but want to pass it along to others. Keely and I are only a piece of His puzzle. And all of you are helping put this puzzle together to Glorify Him!